What size air conditioner do I need?

That all depends on the size of the area and heat load on the space. We can visist your home or office for a free measure and quote - developing a custom solution to suit your needs and budget back. Just remember - bigger isn't always better!

How often do I need to have my unit serviced?

Once a year is the minimum service requirement for any air conditioner, however filters need to be cleaned at a minimum every 3 months or as per specifications in service manual. Contact Richard and the team at Airworks Heating and Cooling to book your unit service.

What is the most effecient way to operate my air conditioner?

The set point on your air conditioner is crucial to how much it costs to run. In summer the higher you can have the set point and still be comfortable the better. In winter the lower you have the set point the better. This makes the outdoor unit run for less time which is where the main power consumption is drawn.

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